Printing & Processing

Here at the Image Maker we provide our customers with superior quality and the best preservation for your memories so they will last a lifetime! Our experienced printers, who are experts in their field, density and color correct each image prior to printing. We use laser light technology combined with Fuji Crystal Archive professional photographic paper in a traditional silver halide process for all of our in house printing.

Printing and processing includes custom development of 35mm, APS, 110 and 120 color print films as well as hand processing of 35mm and 120 true black and white films. Processing and cross processing of E-6 slide film in both 35mm and 120. Custom scanning of standard negatives, odd sized negatives, old negatives from the 20’s and 30’s, tin prints, glass plate images and slides. All images can be printed and enlarged as well as put onto CDs or DVDs

Please use our e-mail address to send your photos to us on line for “lab quality prints” or come see us at the store and we will be happy to print your order!

Remember to state the size, quantity, whether you prefer Glossy or Matte finish, name, and phone on your order.